I want to put some FreeDOS packages online as part of a FreeDOS
installer script for Linux that I'm making. I went through for each
package in base and figured out the license:
GPL 2: append, assign, attrib, bootfix, cdrcache, chkdsk, choice,
command, cpidos, ctmouse, defrag, deltree, devload, display, dosfsck,
doslfn, diskcomp, edit, edlin, exe2bin, fasthlp, fc, fdapm, fdisk,
fdpkg, fdxms, find, format, fdshield, fxms286, graphic, keyb, label,
lbacahe, mem, mirror, mode, more, move, nansi, nlsfunc, print,
recover, replace, sort, subst, sys, tree, undel, unfmt, unstabl,
xcdrom, xcopy, xdma
LGPL 2: share
GFDL: help
Artistic License 1.0: emm386
Non-specific (freeware, source available): cwsdpmi, shsucdx, shsudrv
Freely redistributable: debug
Public domain: callver, ripcord
The only questions I have are about comp and printq. What are their
licensing terms?

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