Hi, time for a blatant ad and a cautious hint ;-)

> The MBR isn't installed by SYS, it's installed by FDISK. The source of the
> standard MBR is contained in the BOOTNORM directory. (The MBR in the
> BOOTEASY directory lets the user select a partition from a small menu.)

That said, it is often not necessary and even a bad idea
to replace the already existing MBR on harddisks or USB
sticks. An exception might be tools like makebootfat...

Such tools reformat and repartition a whole USB stick to
have full control of everything. They do that to try to
make sure the thing boots, but doing it also deletes all
the preinstalled partitioning etc from the manufacturer.

By the way, I found back my patched makebootfat-1.5.tgz
which is mentioned in the USB boot tutorial of Zeno Davatz
on www.ywesee.com/pmwiki.php/Site/FlashingBiosOfALinuxServer

...in case somebody wants to put it online or wants to
combine it with the official makebootfat, I can send it.

Eric :-)

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