Hans schrieb:
>>> Hans schrieb:
>>> I think you are up against quite a difficult software task. The days of
>>> NE2000 compatible ethernet controllers are long gone (unless I am
>>> wrong?),
>>> so your best bet is to find the Linux driver and datasheets for your
>>> controller and see if you can make it work under DOS.
>> For what you need NE2000 compatible? Access to network in DOS is
>> fortunately not directly to hardware (like with sound) but to packet
>> drivers.
> but you still need a software layer between the DOS packet driver and
> the actually hardware chip on the PCI bus, right?

For exapmle:
your network card <-> packet driver <-> Arachne

You need a packet driver for your network card, most likely the packet
driver will provide 0x60. As soon the packet driver is found any packet
driver aware software such as Arache or Lynx will work.

If you have a conventional router (which are widespread today) it is
commonly providing DHCP. Arachne or Lnyx configure them self thought
DHCP, no matter which network card you have as soon the packet driver is
working you can be happy.


It's harder if you want to connect to the internet directly without a

With an DSL modem directly it's quite complicated. As far I understand
you must let a special driver for direct connections (there is only
pepa) listen on 0x60 while your packet driver is listening on 0x61. Pepa
keeps care on talking and forwarding to 0x61 while its dialing and
providing 0x60 for any application (Arachne, Lynx again).

But unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to get pepa to work.

> Hans
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