Just to complement:

A DOS in 16 bit only + a pure 16bit program can access FAT32 systems. 
This happens a lot.

> You cannot use the full 4 GB because all PCI, AGP,
> PCIe etc modern graphics cards have their graphics
> RAM accessible via addresses in the last 0.X of the
> first 4 gigabytes of address space... The BIOS and
> various parts of your hardware use the same area.

There is a problem about the MSB of the address most of the time used as 
a flag. This usuali limits usage to 2Gb.

>>> and how much can be accessed with djgpp installed
> You do NOT need djgpp. Only a DPMI host. I usually
> copy cwsdpmi exe into my main FreeDOS BIN directory.

And.. there are many others, that do the same job. djgpp *usualy* is 
used with cwsdpmi, other compilers have other preferences. All work just 
fine, usualy you have a "tiny" pure 32 bit program with 2Gb access range.


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