Christian Masloch schrieb:
> Besides, I'm too egoistic to write or re-write major parts  
> of something when this new version isn't accepted because it isn't tested  
> enough. That was the case with the "unstable" DOS-C version 2037 (which  
> had many features version 2036 and the upcoming 2038 don't have).

I think I do understand very good what you mean.

>> 5) it was just MS-DOS 6.22, and now FreeDOS has many important things,
>> one being FAT32 which I cannot live without.
> True for RxDOS 6.00 (shown in "Dissecting DOS") but not for RxDOS 7.x. The  
> newer RxDOS releases have FAT32 (just as DOS-C) plus LFN functions *inside  
> the kernel*. That is you shouldn't need DOSLFN to use LFNs. However both  
> features will often not work as expected because they're slightly buggy  
> and incompatible. One of my goals is to improve this.

FAT32 + LFN in kernel sounds like a very interesting kernel.


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