It has been a while I am searching a good DOS gopher client, but can't find 
anything really worth noticing...

Does anybody know some good gopher clients working on FreeDOS? By "good", I 
mean runing with WatTCP, not crashing randomly the whole system and having a 
nice interface (may be text mode, no big need for graphic there).

So far, I tried PC-Gopher III (freezes my system after launching), Arachne 
(makes gopher menus really ugly and takes big amount of space onscreen for 
nothing), Bobcat (display some kind of prompt after being ran, and stays stuck 
there), as well as some other clients which needed proprietary TCP stacks 
(which I want to avoid).

Is there anybody who has a positive experience accessing gopherspace from 
within FreeDOS?

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste
You'll find my public OpenPGP key at gopher://gopher.viste-family.net/1/PGP

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