> First, I do sometimes contribute to FreeDOS (i.e. DEVLOAD) and sometimes
> even to the thing called "FreeDOS kernel" (or DOS-C), which is to be  
> distinguished from FreeDOS as a project. However I choosed not to become a
> developer of DOS-C (FreeDOS kernel) because it's design is to be written
> in C where possible which I think is a bad decision (Japheth probably
> agrees here).

Japteth didn't any Freedos kernel programming. And Tom *fullheartily* disagrees 

> Besides, I'm too egoistic to write or re-write major parts
> of something when this new version isn't accepted because it isn't tested
> enough. That was the case with the "unstable" DOS-C version 2037

this entire bullshit.
2037 has been tested, and the reults say 'unstable'

2037 had some very welcome enhancements (country.sys support comes to
my mind, but there may be more).

unfortunately 2037 has also a zillion of Arkady's 'optimizations'.
at least one of them made the kernel unstable.

not unstable as in 'linux kernel with an odd number', but unstable as
in 'do not use for production. will sometimes suprise you'

in that case, Jeremy is to blame, as he merged Arkadys optimizations,
but never took the time to backtrace them to a to be tested, but stable

feel free to re-add country.sys support to 2038

> (which had many features version 2036 and the upcoming 2038 don't have).
yes, sadly.

>>> once the few remaining bugs are fixed in
>>> the RxDOS kernel, it will replace the inferior current FD kernel.

> That's a nice point of view but you'll have to wait until it's done. To
> speak about "few remaining bugs" doesn't match the reality.

this might be the reason DOS-C was chosen instead of RxDOS.
the other might be simple availability.
at least the FreeDOS kernel in 2001 was buggy like hell.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards
Tom Ehlert

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