>> Is it possible to inject eltorito.sys and shsucdx into the kernel?
> You would need eltorito.sys source code first, and have
> to be aware that shsucdx is about 8 kB (6 kB UPXed, 6 kB
> or more in RAM depending on how you load it). All this
> would have to fit (preferably) into the resident-in-HMA
> part of the kernel, which is about 40 kB now: The rest
> of the 64 kB HMA is used for BUFFERS. If you do not have
> enough HMA space left, you have to put BUFFERS in low RAM.
> Eltorito.sys itself is quite small afair, maybe 2 kB...?
> [...]

You could just add both binaries to the kernel binary, then let the  
CONFIG.SYS parser/init code load them if desired. This would only require  
a larger kernel file (and more sophisticated boot loading code to cope  
with >64 KiB) but no modifications of SHSUCDX and that El Torito driver.

Why is the source code not available? If you'd really need it badly  
someone could disassemble it. BTW, the driver's size is 1.5 KiB with UPX  
compression, 4 KiB without.


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