Hi Bernd,

>> ... You could use the technology of Rayer's ROMOS
>> which allows you to boot a FAT12 image directly from
>> ROM. This image has only 1 FAT, so MS DOS 6 does not
> I wonder how large such expansion ROM images can be (64K? more?).

Standard method has a limit of 64 kB according to RayeR.
Less widely compatible methods can probably manage more.
And Coreboot probably has a more open / modular design
compared to the "standard" methods of Award / AMI / etc?

> Coreboot project (www.coreboot.org , formerly LinuxBIOS) has managed 
> with contribution of the Bochs author, to create a payload to Coreboot, 
> which is called Seabios (a legacy booting bios addon written in C). 

Certainly interesting for DOS :-). By the way, now that the
OLPC / XO-PC (one laptop per child) has a Windows-compatible
BIOS and OLPC-compatible Windows apparently, did anybody try
to find out whether it runs DOS well?


PS: I guess the FDAPM failure of ACPI activities on EEE PC
could be related to broken / absent int 15.87 there, if any
FreeDOS user has EEE, he could test whether EMM386 helps...?

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