> Yes, but that appends only one file. Appending two files to the kernel
> raises the need to find where the second file begins. (If possible without
> unreliable signature searchs.)

using the SYS CONFIG mechanism, you could easily have

   SYS CONFIG /AndThe1stAttachedFileIsHasSize12345 /AndThe2nd...

doesn't solve the problem that SHSUCDX is a .COM/.EXE file
running those at config.sys time presents real problems.
feasible, not without some sweat and tears

>> There are also tools to create
>> message files. They, too, are easier to use and install than the
>> complex compile environment needed for command.com :-).

> Is it complex compared to the message file creator or complex compared to
> other compile environments?

if you can't create such a tool easily, I recommend Java, Visual
Basic, or Playstation III as computing platform. not even worth
talking about. Just do it. if it's useful, tell us about it. but don't
talk, talk, talk about it.


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