>> i want software freedos?
>> where download ? i get it

In the upper left area of the page, there is a link
which says "download freedos". You can also use the
orange link to "source code" if you want source code
for kernel or shell only. The locations are:

Source: http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=5109
Distro: http://www.freedos.org/freedos/files/

For most people, the 8 MB "fdbasecd" ISO will be okay.
is no longer there, the new location is here:
(this link is "hidden" in the orange bar as well ;-))

FreeDOS 1.0 is a bit old now, and the install page
mentions a few known problems. RUFFIDEA is newer:


You can for example download 1, 2 or 3 diskettes of
it or use diskone or the "rugxulo288" big-diskette
download for burning a bootable CD or DVD with that
diskette as the boot image. In K3B, you would open
a data CD/DVD project and then select "Project - Edit
Boot Images" and select the diskette image file. This
is a special location, it does not matter which other
files you put into the normal data CD/DVD project area.

You can also use the Rugxulo Ruffidea distro to install
FreeDOS to your harddisk - if you look on the internet,
you will find several FAQ and Wiki etc items (including
on the freedos homepage itself) about how to make your
harddisk bootable with FreeDOS.

Because FreeDOS cannot be installed on NTFS partitions
(newer Windows versions use that) you will have to make
space for a FAT partition if you want to install to a
harddisk. For that, you can use for example a GPARTED
boot CD/DVD which makes it easy to shrink your Windows.

Some Windows versions also come with suitable tools. Do
not use tools where you have to copy everything or where
you have to re-install Windows, it is just too much work.
For the same reason, do NOT use minimal tools like FDISK
because they can only delete, not shrink, your Windows.

You can install FreeDOS on hardisk, floppy, CD, DVD and
or course also on USB sticks. There are also some nice
howto / FAQ / Wiki items about USB. Check for example the
FAQ linked from the start page of www.freedos.org :-).


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