I'm a computer technician, and am interested in FreeDOS because I often perform 
low-level operations on large disks (copying data, fixing file structures.)  So 
far I'm impressed with FreeDOS -- it seems to have all the important features 
of the commercial DOSses, and the fact that it's currently being developed is a 

Unfortunately, I've got the same problem on two completely different machines, 
and I can't find any reference to it except for a post on alt.os.free-dos last 
year that was never answered.

I'm using the FreeDOS 1.0 distribution CD for developers.

When I push F3 immediately after booting, garbage characters display.

When FreeDOS has been running for a while, the command prompt will return 
without the command executing.  Rebooting will "fix" this for a while.

I tried eliminating all use of high memory and UMB.  The problem persists.
Not loading a memory manager can make the problem take longer to occur.
I can't isolate the problem to a particular line in FDCONFIG.SYS or FDAUTO.BAT.

I tried using Rugxulo's floppy distribution (disk 1) which is based on a later 
kernel -- no difference.

The first computer is a tower with an Intel SE440BX2 mainboard, P3/550, 256 MB 
RAM, and an 80GB drive with a 40GB FAT32 partition.

The second computer is a Compaq Armada 3500 notebook, P2/366, 128 MB RAM, 6GB 
HDD with FAT32.

Both computers run Windows 98SE just fine.  The disks were originally formatted 
with Windows 98 SE.  They now boot to MetaKern.  The tower passes MEMTEST86.

There's not a lot on the internet about this, but I can't be the only one this 
has happened to!

Any help would be appreciated.

 - - Shane

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