Christian Masloch wrote:
> Of course DPMI doesn't work on PocketDOS, because it (by default) emulates  
> a real mode 80286 processor only. (XMS and EMS services are provided by  
> PocketDOS-specific drivers.) I downloaded the demo version (for x86  
> Windows) and it's really nice. It integrates the running DOS into the host  
> OS with a filesystem redirector to access the host's files.
> On there are binaries for various  
> platforms listed which extend PocketDOS's emulation to an 80486 processor.  
> This should allow to use DPMI programs, too. If you don't want to use one  
> of these (possibly too slow?), try to use DOS file managers that run in  
> real mode only.
> Regards,
> Christian

Thanks for the tip! However, if the 486 emulation is any slower than the
286 emulation than I will have to pass on it. The version I have
installed currently is already very sluggish and drains my battery in
little over an hour.


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