Christian Masloch schrieb:
>>> Which application do you abort?
>> None. No joke. I just boot the pure kernel (no configuration files),
>> start escape and press F12 - in MS-DOS no crash - in FreeDOS crash.
> Well, do you load COMMAND.COM (or FreeCOM or whatever CLI)?

Indeed, sorry. "Pure" FreeDOS is for me latest stable kernel plus latest
stable FreeCOM. "Pure" MS-DOS was in this case MS-DOS 7.1 plus
corresponding MS-DOS (I exchange them for testing by

By the way I've tested also FreeDOS + MS-DOS which also
crashes the same way. I done that to be sure that this bug report is
related to DOS-C and not to FreeCOM.

> That is, do  
> you have a command prompt?

Yes. Otherwise I couldn't load escape.

> Could you please test whether aborting some other
> application (no COMMAND.COM type program) works in FreeDOS?

Yes, first he application will be terminated and then also the command
interpreter which results in the same bug.


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