Hi Michael,

>> I do not think we should use code reversed from MS DOS sorry.
> I think that too but it's no problem to reverse engineer the
> specification as long you write your own implementation from scratch.
> Also the linux guys reverse engineered for example the Windows
> networking protocol and implemented it their self (samba).

They checked the protocol (transferred data) not the binary.
It is kind of more noble to just sniff network contents and
keep the software as it is, a black box with closed source.

As DOS is no server, I think it is okay to look for example
at data structures and how they change over time. This does
leave the binary / machine code in nice black box land :-).

> You could even look into their sources for interoperability reasons

No because then I would have to "steal them" by downloading
them from a dark source.

> just copy & paste even of small snippets is strictly forbidden,
> you must write it complete from scratch after you have forgotten
> how them implemented it.

Opinions differ, I assume :-).

> I am not a lawyer.

Me neither :-).


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