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> I disagree. A friend recently bought a new ASRock mainboard 
> and was amused that it comes with a FreeDOS based tool CD.
> Yet if you google for "freedos site:asrock.com" you only get 
> their a 5 year old FAQ item about "free DOS" which even has 
> only a link to some 98/.../XP SATA install helper disk files.

Dell offers many of their systems with no OS installed, just a FreeDOS install 
CD!  I've been going that route quite a bit recently since I have many unused 
XP licenses due to machines that have died in the field.  I haven't had a 
failure of freedos to boot the machine yet, and this is brand new hardware, 
with the latest cpu's and loads of RAM.

> So I would say FreeDOS might be commonplace while it simply 
> lacks enough novelty value at the moment to be very visible.

Yes, it's used a lot behind the scenes; I've seen it in other places as well.



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