On Friday 27 March 2009 14:58, usul wrote:
> The only thing left is that FreeDos does not use the full screen, there is
> almost
> a two inch border around the displayable area. all other OS seem to use the
> whole screen.
> There is an option in the BIOS to stretch it but that turns out ugly. Is
> there a dos way to increase the screen.


It's not a FreeDOS issue. That behavior is caused by your LCD monitor and/or 
your video BIOS, which doesn't use natively the full screen for 80x25 text 
mode. You could try other text modes (80x43, 80x50...) using MODE, maybe one of 
these will use more of your screen. As for "other OSes", these are most 
probably using a video mode instead of a text mode (eg. a Linux framebuffer...).
I saw once a tool which was switching DOS into a video mode, too (can't 
remember the name, sorry), but keep in mind that many applications/games will 
switch back to text mode when exiting anyway.

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