Hello Christian,

> Although it sounds strange if GRUB itself can't use the "hidden
> extended" partition, I would also suspect this is done by GRUB, not 
> FreeDOS. I think there's actually no code in FreeDOS (kernel) to write
> to the partition table, and if it was written by accident, it would have
> changed more than just this one byte (actually, this one bit). Possibly
> a bug in GRUB?  
> Because, well, GRUB does write to the partition table anyway.

thanks :-)

Of course, it was GRUB's fault. I had a line

hide            (hd0,3)

in my GRUB config for booting the the DOS partition. hd0,3 is the
extended partition.
GRUB -- as told in the config file -- hides the partition, but does
not recognize a hidden extended partition on the next reboot.

I've changed GRUB to also recognize hidden extended partitions and
now all is well. I'll check with the GRUB people if my change is
acceptable for them.

Now, please welcome me as a new FreeDOS user :-)



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