Hi alfio castorina,

> Hi, I want to install freedos on my Macbook Pro using VMWare Fusion. Problem
> is that after booting from the cd image and creating the C: partition after
> reboot I get the message "invalid operating system". I suspect that is due
> that Freedos has not been installed yet and it attempts to boot from the
> drive. I think I should access the BIOS to force boot from CD in order to
> run the installation, but how ? Is there some key sequence or what ?

Maybe you have to boot from CD more than once until the
install process is complete and DOS can boot from harddisk,
yes... It might also be the case that VMWare makes some
assumptions about the "Windows" you try to install, but
I guess you can search altavista or google to see which
experiences other people had with VMWare Fusion... :-)

You are probably right about the problem: VMWare might
have a default to try to boot from harddisk as soon as
anything is on it, even if it is not yet bootable, but
it should also have some setup or "BIOS" option where
you can say manually that you want to boot from CD now.


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