To boot from cd on a mac, hold down the C key while the mac is  
booting.  It will then boot from the CD, and you can install as normal.
However, this shouldn't be necessary, there are vm images already on  
the net you should be able to download one for freedos, and just drop  
it into your hd, and be all set.  To install dos from the cd, you'll  
need a separate partition to load the dos onto, and it will have to be  
fat or fat32.  The mac partition will not be readable from freedos,  
but that's not really an issue.
After you get freedos installed on it's own partition, then you will  
need to go into vmware, and tell it to create a virtual machine from  
the partition you installed freedos onto.
Hope this makes sense.
If you have trouble, let me know, and I'll see if I can help further.

On Mar 28, 2009, at 6:32 AM, Michael Reichenbach wrote:

> alfio castorina schrieb:
>> Hi, I want to install freedos on my Macbook Pro using VMWare  
>> Fusion. Problem
>> is that after booting from the cd image and creating the C:  
>> partition after
>> reboot I get the message "invalid operating system". I suspect that  
>> is due
>> that Freedos has not been installed yet and it attempts to boot  
>> from the
>> drive. I think I should access the BIOS to force boot from CD in  
>> order to
>> run the installation, but how ? Is there some key sequence or what ?
> F2 to enter BIOS setup directly or ESC for boot device and setup.
> -mr
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