Greetings all;


I managed to remove LILO from my MBR by using xfdisk /MBR. Afterwards, I
used FreeDOS setup to install the standard BootManager.


Also, I installed a 3COM adapter and corresponding packet driver. Now, I'm
able to browse the net with Arachne (Arachne comes with TCP/IP support). I
suppose the next step is to setup networking in DOS and mess around with the
WATTCP Tools. 


I'm still pretty green when it comes to programming in C. At the moment, I'm
still learning ASM and plan on sticking to it. However, I'm a bit lost when
it comes to finding something to do. I've been looking through some of the
Intel processor documentation. So far, I'm interested in finding out more
about my machine and the components inside it. Does anyone have some
recommendations or guide lines for rummaging around and finding out what is
going on inside those little chips on the motherboard?






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