usul schrieb:

 > I want to,
 > ftp, telnet, browse the web with arachne, SVN when I port the
 > commandline client. etc.

A ftp-server for DOS that works reliable for me is ftpsrv32.exe from 
the wattcp32 package available at:


Its not secure at all (anonymous login only) but thats OK for 
exchanging files with other machines in the LAN. I access the server 
with filezilla in XP. In the filezilla settings I have to set the 
login to anonymous, server type is default (autodetect) and the 
possible connections at the same time are limited to "1".

The zip above contains a lot of other useful programs like tftp and a 
smtpsrv. There are more apps available, f.i. here:


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