Eric Auer schrieb:
> Hi Michael,
> indeed, MS LFN started with version 7 (Win9x)...
>> What about FreeDOS kernel and LFN? Wouldn't it make sense
>> also to add LFN to the FreeDOS kernel?
> Yes but: The DOSLFN license does not allow it so you would
> have to re-implement LFN from scratch and there is also a
> risk to get nagging from MS because some LFN things are
> still patented by Microsoft.

By the way I must repeat the question "who would be theoretically sued?".

Currently DOSLFN is a part of the FreeDOS 1.0 distribution. If ms has a
patent on LFN then this will be already violated, no matter if LFN
support is in kernel or in an application included in the distribution.

Not the programmer of DOSLFN would be sued, also probable not the
hypothetical programmer for LFN in DOS-C.

I think it's the distributor who would get sued and this is in this case
the responsible person for the website. (Fortunally also other people
are redistribution FreeDOS and/or DOSLFN but to sue does not
mean that them get also automatically sued.)

So programming LFN for DOS-C wouldn't make a difference. The risk to get
sued is already there and not bigger because the patent is already
violated so or so.


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