>> Like I suggested an SFTP client using XMS or JLM.
> There are already SSH, SCP and SFTP 1 and 2 clients,
> called SSHDOS: http://sshdos.sourceforge.net/
>> SFTP is free, secure and wildly supported across all operating systems
>> already.
>>> Is there some information about how to write network redirectors for
>>> FreeDOS?
> Making this thing run in the background might be a
> bit hard, I remember that it did not even report
> any idle times to FDAPM... You should read the RBIL
> documentation about int 2f functions 11nn which are
> "network redirector". The kernel automatically uses
> those functions for network drives which support it.

Umm, yes it does after you modified a drive's CDS to show that it's a  
redirected drive. So get familiar with some of the data described at  
Int21.52 (MS-DOS 4+ CDS and SFT, MS-DOS 5+ List of Lists) and some of the  
Int2F.12 functions, too. The free SHSUCDX source contains all of this  
(although it doesn't provide write access to its CD-ROMs). It's written in  
Assembly, but unless you want to use some weird C stuff (that essentially  
emulates Assembly) you have to use Assembly code to service the DOS calls  


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