> What is an fnode?  What does a message that more than 2 near fnodes
> are opened mean?

The fnodes are a special data structure used inside the FreeDOS kernel.  
The F apparently stands for file, because the fnode contains information  
about an accessed file. Early versions of the kernel used to manage all  
file accesses with fnodes, but recent versions provide the same System  
File Tables (SFTs) as MS-DOS for compatibility (the FILES= setting in  
[FD]CONFIG.SYS determines the amount of available SFTs). However the  
fnodes weren't removed, they're still used for all file accesses,  
translating the MS-DOS-like tables to fnodes when a file is accessed. To  
save memory, only two fnodes are available. If something goes wrong, and  
the kernel tries to access three files at the same time, then the "more  
than 2 fnodes requested" error shows up, halting the system. This however  
doesn't reveal to me what exactly caused this mess, you may ask some of  
the FreeDOS kernel developers what it _could_ be.


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