Hi Folks!

It appears that any binary package installed on FreeDOS goes to /BIN. Besides 
that, there's no clear directive about "how to install 3rd party apps".

I would propose the following rules:
- Any DOS replacement stuff (move, tree, format...) goes to \BIN\
- Any system enhacement (grep, ls, pcisleep, cwsdpmi, fdupdate...) goes to 
- Any 3rd party program (SEAL, Arachne, FreeBASIC, MPXPLAY...) goes to 
- Any 3rd party game (Doom...) goes to $apps\games\

Obviously, it would require to set a mandatry $apps env variable, and extends 
the PATH to \SBIN\ as well.

What are you thinking about that? Discussion's open ;-)

Mateusz Viste
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