> We already may check that, simply looking wheter there is a \appinfo\*.lsm 
> file or not.
> The idea was rather to make a difference between "FreeDOS packages containing 
> system files, like format" and "FreeDOS packages containing some other apps, 
> like Arachne". Something in a concept similar to RPM packages :-)
> As of today, we have no such possibility, as our packages are all unzipped in 
> %DOSDIR%\, which is IMHO a not-so-good idea for third party applications...
> Say, I have FreeDOS installed on C:\FREEDOS. When I install a FreeDOS package 
> containing a non-system application (like Arachne, or SEAL), I would prefer 
> if it was unzipped, say, in D:\APPS\ instead.
> Why would it be better to package "normal" (non-system) applications into 
> FreeDOS packages? Well... for the simple reason to get big advantages which 
> we all know from RPM. For example, I install MPXPLAY v1.0 during my FreeDOS 
> install, then, after 3 months, there comes a MPXPLAY 1.1. All I would have to 
> do is launch FDUPDATE to happily update the thing. :-)
> Or, say that after 3 months I would like to get a MIDI player as well. All I 
> would have to do is launch "FDUPDATE /NEW", browser the list of packages to 
> find a MIDI player which pleases me, and install it.

I would just use all things with appinfo LSM as FreeDOS package
but would use a different directory structure for eg Arachne to
avoid clobbering global directories with many files from Arachne
 :-) This is exactly what we already did for FreeDOS 1.0 afair.

Smaller apps like MPXPLAY can easily share one directory, but
it need not be the same directory as the one for "base freedos".


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