Hi again and sorry for adding to the high mail traffic :-p

> there are many approach to do this,
> but we need to follow a practical approach
> so, i'm in favor of a \bin directory for all
> fd packages and 3rd party sw should be
> separeted with their developers don't want to
> create a 'fdished package'

Base and simple packages can share BIN and all
other packages IN the distro can be packaged
in "fd-ish" way by us, possibly with adjusted
directory structure but still with SIMILAR dir
structure... Sort of similar to /opt in Linux.

See my other mail where I wrote that MPXPLAY
can easily share a directory with other sound
software in the distro or maybe even can share
the main bin directory, while ARACHNE would be
in a separate directory tree - but that tree
would be already pre-defined by the way that
our people would FDPKG-package Arachne for us.

Third party stuff from OUTSIDE the distro is
just that - not managed by FDPKG etc etc but
just free to the user to download and unzip
and rearrange in any way they want. I know,
some Linux distros have tools to manage your
"loosely downloaded stuff from TGZ" as well
but I know nobody who really uses such tools.

At least I personally am happy that those
packages which come as RPM or DEB are fine
for my Linux package managers and for those
which come in different shapes I just do the
usual configure make make install and forget
about the details. When I want to update a
"non packaged" package, I just install the
new version, and when I want to remove one,
I just delete some of the files by hand :-p


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