> It appears that any binary package installed on FreeDOS goes to /BIN.

Almost. Packages which need many files in the same "BINish"
directory have separate directories. This includes for
example Arachne, DOG, Emacs, Network and USB driver bags,
FBC, GhostScript, the 1.0 game collection, FDSMTPOP, LYNX,
OpenXP, PacificC, Pegasus Mail, SETEDIT with plugins and
maybe other packages in FreeDOS 1.0 ... Note that some of
the packages have few enough files to move them to the main
BIN directory while others got replaced etc etc :-).

> Besides that, there's no clear directive about "how to install 3rd
party apps".
> I would propose the following rules:
> - Any DOS replacement stuff (move, tree, format...) goes to \BIN\
> - Any system enhacement (grep, ls, pcisleep, cwsdpmi, fdupdate...) goes to 
> \SBIN\

You can do that but should not overdo it. For example the 2.88 MB
one disk variant of the Rugxulo distro has: utils, system, media,
games, fdos and docs as main "category directories". For a normal
FreeDOS CD / DVD / USB / harddisk distro, I think the structure
of FreeDOS 1.0 is better than the structure of Rugxulo 2.88, though.

> - Any 3rd party program (SEAL, Arachne, FreeBASIC, MPXPLAY...) goes to 
> $apps\programs\
> - Any 3rd party game (Doom...) goes to $apps\games\

See above - but APPS is just the same as DOSDIR in FreeDOS 1.0 :-)


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