> I think I'm using the stable kernel instead of the 
> unstable one.
> I get an error that says essentially unload the 
> protected mode software and try again when windows 
> tries to start.

Neither free-EMM386 nor JEMM386 is compatible
with Windows 3.x 386enh mode or WfW 3.11...

You would have to start Windows 3.x in the
"standard mode" (WIN /S). Unfortunately the
options in WfW 3.11 are more limited, their
non-386enh mode is more like a "safe mode".

Note that none of the Windows 3 versions can
start if you give them more than 256 MB of
RAM, or 1024 MB with a special configuration.

> Are people taking out the smartdrive stuff or 
> simply adding a menu entry and if someone wants 
> windows loading it?

Smartdrive? Menu entry?

> BTW:  I found out that curl can load a very large 
> file without crashing on my system, but using it 
> doesn't make fdupdate work.

Maybe fdupdate or curl leaves open a file and
you would have to load SHARE to get DOS happy?

> Are there special tricks I need to know about 
> to get Windows 3.1 running on freedos?  Do only 
> older versions of Windows work?

See above - make sure you do not confuse 3.1 with
Windows FOR WORKGROUPS 3.ELEVEN ;-). There is an
experimental compile-time option for the unstable
kernel which tries to make WfW 3.11 and 386enh run
but Jeremy Davis who wrote it is hard to reach at
the moment, it seems.

(German but useful - try Babelfish translations)

> What on a typical freedos system runs in protected
> mode?  Maybe Windows 3.1 is stupid and it thinks
> the system is in protected mode?

The EMM386 does, and some DOS extenders / DPMI
hosts. The problem is that Windows in 386enh
mode and WfW 3.11 try to "take over" the work
from EMM386 which uses a complex "what exactly
are you doing at the moment?" interface called
GEMMIS which is not supported by any free open
source EMM386 yet. And actually Windows is the
ONLY software which ever used GEMMIS, so there
is not much motivation to implement it yet...

> When I installed Windows 3.1, it seemed to start
> up okay.  I just can't get it back up is all.

Interesting. Try to backup and compare the INI
files at the next install ;-). And use WIN /S.


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