On Friday 10 April 2009 23:40 (CEST), Michael Robinson wrote:
> Just to be clear, I need to wait for Freedos 1.1 before I use the 0.55
> beta version?

Basically, yes, but you can use it for a test, installing, say, XGREP (running 
"FDUPDATE /NEW") - it won't do any harm to your system. The only problem is 
that the package will be registered as "XGRES" instead, so to uninstall it you 
will have to use "FDPKG /remove XGRES".
That's all.
So yes, FDUPDATE v0.55 (non-public yet) will be used for systems v1.1 only, but 
you can test it right now on v1.0, as long as you do not use the "updater" 
function (just for new software installation, keeping in mind that packages 
installed this way will have their last letter changed).

> I've tested curl on a large file and it did okay.

It doesn't tell us wheter it's leaving any file open or not... HTGET's code is 
very simple to read - I didn't found any possible file handlers trouble in it, 
that's why I think it is a quite good test to try it out. :-)

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