Hi :-)

> You are a coder: If you do know how to debug programs,
> you could help by fixing/improving existing FreeDOS programs.

For example FreeCOM and FDISK - but make sure to ask the
current maintainer for a very fresh copy before you edit.

> For example UNDELETE still needs a complete FAT32 support,

Note that UNDELETE FAT32 exists but is "beta", as it has
a few known glitches: For example it could take more care
to keep the free/used space stats data updated on undelete.

> we have no installer so far for the v1.1 distro

The old installer is not bad, we can "undust" it and fix
a few annoying things such as the flicker and then use it.

> FDPKG should get compatible with mixed "binaries+sources"
> packages, the FreeDOS kernel require some work to be pushed
> into STABLE state, etc...

The stable branch already is stable but:

- there are some suggested patches which need testers or review

- there are some bugs that would be nice to fix before 1.1

- there are some features from the unstable branch which would
  be nice to port to the stable branch for 1.1 (country sys...)

> - The packaging for v1.1 is still incomplete (see
> http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/fdupdate/
> to get an idea of what's done so far, all other tools and programs
> needs to be packaged into FreeDOS-structured zip files), it would
> be nice to have a full and complete list of "what is done / what's
> missing". You can also check out each package to see if it is in
> its latest available version or not.

To avoid duplicate work, the list should have priority. If you
checked some packages, you could send your insights about what
is done and what is missing among those to Mateusz :-).

> - You may do some testings. Installing FreeDOS on a PC,
> and testing all things you can, to find any possible bugs

Even if you only install in a virtual system, it is still
helpful to test for example which of the bugs listed in our
old bugzilla actually are already fixed with new software.
I think sometimes bugs just got fixed as side-effect of some
other improvement and nobody noticed it yet ;-).


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