Hi :-)

> I got Windows 3.1 running on Freedos using win /s,
> the Msdos 6.2x himem.sys and the MSDOS 6.2x emm386.exe.
> I also found out that share from freedos needs to be
> loaded low.

I think WIN /S will even work with the freedos versions
of HIMEM or HIMEMX, maybe even with JEMM386 as well.

> Great, it ran.  Trouble is, my mouse is on com4 and there
> are no windows drivers for a logitech mouse on com4.  Argh!

You could plug it to another port or reconfigure your
ports to get other numbers assigned...

> Something I noticed, maybe because I'm using the unstable
> kernel instead of the stable 2036 one, deltree doesn't work
> anymore.

Simple: If you only use WIN /S then you can use the
stable 2036 or stable 2038 kernel. The latter is on
http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ as binary snapshot.

There are a few pending improvements before 2038 can
be put on "sourceforge file releases"... The sources
already are on sourceforge in our svn, of course :-)

> Realistically, someone should make a clone of Windows 3.1.
> This makes more sense than making freedos unstable.

Unstable is only needed for 386 enh mode or wfworkgroups.

> Windows 3.1 isn't that heavy

Depends... On the other hand, reactos and hxgui are strong.
I do not think reactos is years away, in any case re-win3
from scratch would be even further away ;-). Not sure how
heavy either will be - which hardware do you have in mind?

> 3) There are many date problems and possibly other bugs.

You could get a y2k fix download from microsoft a while ago.

> 4) Freedos seems to become unstable when Windows 3.x is run
>    on top of it.

In what way? I guess using dos apps and dos boxes inside
freedos could indeed cause stability problems.


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