I notice that I can run Windows 98 SE on my old 
486 DX2 66 with 32 megs of ram.  Windows 98 SE 
supports more recent programs than Windows 3.1 
does.  Gem is nice, but it can't support windows 
apps and it isn't meant to.  I'm not certain 
that I really want to try WordPerfect Suite 8
for Windows 95 on 98se.  I don't think
a 486 is fast enough to handle all the
background processes that will be created.

That abandonware site doesn't have Wordperfect 
6.1 for Windows sadly.  The disks for that 
sitting on the shelf seem to have corrupted.  
Same story for Wordperfect 6.0 dos which I'm 
trying to use from a backup.  I'm getting 
weird results.  It'll say it can't find a 
macro that is clearly on the hard disk or 
it will ask for the product activation code.

The problem with software from the end of the dos 
era is that CDs had barely caught on at that point 
and a lot of software was distributed on disks.  
Well, the problem with that is that disks go bad.

For old word processors, printer support among 
other things can be a problem.  The printers 
that are available change over time and nowadays, 
network printing is common.  I wish there was an 
open source word processor which will run on 386s 
and 486s running freedos.  It would be nice if it 
was compatible with say CUPS.  I would like to be 
able to launch this word processor from gem.  It 
would be ideal if this word processor saved in 
open document format, but that might be too much 
for a 386/486 era computer.

Openoffice is nice, but you need a lot of computer 
to run it and you have an option of running it 
under either Windows XP/Vista/etcetera or Linux.  
There is abiword, but again same thing.  I tried 
to install abiword to 98se and found that I 

The abandonware site I mentioned before offers 
Wordperfect 5.1, but I never owned a copy so 
I'm leery of downloading it.  I'll admit that 
I downloaded Warcraft I, but I don't think 
Blizzard particularly cares at this point.

If freedos had a gui with a nice networking
interface that understands Windows networking,
I practically wouldn't need Windows 98SE anymore.

I'd love a copy of Wordperfect 6.1 for Windows
if anyone has an image of the install media
that is good.  I'd also love a copy of the
installation media for Wordperfect 6.0 dos.

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