On Sun, 2009-04-12 at 01:58 -0500, Travis Siegel wrote:
> There's no technical reason open document formats couldn't be  
> supported on 386-486 machines, after all, the format itself has  
> nothing to do with the cpu usage.
> As for using word perfect on windows 98se, I've done this on a 486- 
> sx-66, and it worked just fine.  I don't think you have to worry about  
> too many processes or anything like that.
> And, for printing to modern printers, just use the default standard  
> windows printer, as long as your printer has a windows driver, (and  
> the word processor you're using can talk to standard windows  
> processes) you should be able to print to any printer regardless of  
> it's feature set.
> I know there's a program out there somewhere that will make windows  
> printers show up as a dos print spool or something similar, but I've  
> never used it, so can't comment on how well (or not) it works.
> If it's a problem for you though, you may want to look into locating it.
> Alternatively, just go find an older inkjet printer that has both usb  
> and paralel connectors on it, then you can use it under dos and  
> windows w/no problem, and it shouldn't cost much to get one, they show  
> up all the time at local stores like unclaimed baggage here in town,  
> though come to think of it, I've not seen any in good will for a  
> while, guess they stopped accepting them.

Thanks, I don't want to add any more printers as there are a 
lot of them as it is and this 486 is networked.  I'd love to 
see this project eventually replace 98se.  That's not a 
freedos 1.1 thing, but it's a long term goal perhaps.

I still think that a project to add an open document format 
open source word processor to freedos that will work on a 486 
is a worthwhile one.  WordPerfect is great, but it is 
proprietary.  I looked into picking up WordPerfect 6.0 dos
via ebay, but the price was prohibitive.  WordPerfect 6.1
Windows is on the shelf, but like I said the install disks
have gone bad.  WordPerfect 8 is on the shelf too, the
only downside is that it needs 95 or 98.  If it weren't
for needing drivewire for my color computer, I'd seriously
consider dropping 98se off of my 486.

This 486 of mine, fdupdate doesn't work on it.  Have you run 
into the same problem?  I've maxed out the memory and I've 
replaced a bum serial port card, but no dice.  I added htget 
and thought fdupdate 0.54 might be able to use it, but it 
can't.  The 0.55 beta can, but that is for freedos 1.1 only.  
I'm excessively testing the memory right now, but aside from 
a bug in memtest where it shows more than a 100%, I have yet 
to see an error.  Apparently, there might be a problem between 
free basic and the freedos kernel.  Well, I hope this bug gets 

ReactOS is interesting, but it will require a PIII or better
most likely by the time it becomes stable.  ReactOS is NT
based, so it isn't a candidate to run on top of freedos.

I'd love to see gem extended to support Windows style networks
the way gnome under Linux has been extended.

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