On Sunday 12 April 2009 02:35 (CEST), Eric Auer wrote:
> FDUPDATE is written in FreeBASIC and FreeBASIC might have
> issues if your CPU has no or no relatively modern FPU...
> I think Rugxulo knows a workaround for that and will mail
> about the issue with Mateusz.


I really don't think it has anything to do with the used CPU type... FreeBASIC 
compiler is happy when it gets anything 386-compatible (IIRC FreeBASIC is 
emulating a FPU when none applicable has been found).

Besides that, in another mail (maybe it was a mail to me only, can't remember 
if got its way to the list), the OP wrote that FDUPDATE is crashing when trying 
to apply an update. Therefore:
- FDUPDATE starts correctly,
- FDUPDATE makes wget downloading the index file from my server correctly,
- FDUPDATE open the index file and load the package database correcyly,
- It propose an update, basing on what has been found on user's system,
- crash when launching wget to download that given package.

So FDUPDATE is crashing the *second* time it run wget. Sounds odd. Could be 
indeed some "open file left" thing, but I carefully checked FDUPDATE's code, 
and it is closing any opened files in a clean way before calling wget/curl.

I compiled a beta testing FDUPDATE v0.55 version, which is able to make use of 
HTGET as a downloader, hoping that it would resolve the trouble, but got no 
feedback yet about how it works (or not works).

See you,
Mateusz VIste
You'll find my public OpenPGP key at http://www.viste-family.net/mateusz/pub_key

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