> These days, openoffice is my word processor of choice.  On a
> freedos system, that isn't an option.  I wish freedos had a
> free word processor that is comparable to WordPerfect 6.0
> for dos.
> I don't expect freedos 1.1 to have a free word processor, but
> it would be nice if there was some action to include one
> eventually.

If you can find a copy of the old shareware "Galaxy Write" for MS-DOS,
this was a good word processor for me. When I was at university, I
used Galaxy Write to write my term papers. Not too dissimilar from
WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS (granted, not as powerful.)

I tried to find a download, but it doesn't seem to be at simtel
anymore. Actually, simtel no longer seems to have any MS-DOS downloads
these days. Maybe Eric or another webmaster can take simtel off the
"Links" page.

If you want to see what Galaxy looked like, I used to have screenshots
on my web page. Some kind person has mirrored them for me:



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