There's several editors with source, and several more that are still  
being supported (qedit and vedit for 2) any number of the source ones  
could easily be taken and included into freedos.  One I particularly  
liked was called Great Little Word Processor (glwp) and came with  
pascal source.  It was written in turbo pascal 3.0, and I make a  
couple half-hearted attempts from time to time to get it ported to  
pascal 4+, but never invested any real effort in the process.
However, if this could be done, it might make a nice starting point  
for a wordstar compatible editor to be included with freedos.
I suppose I could dig out my copy and begin anew the hacking process  
to see if I can get it to compile under fpc, this would make it usable  
on all sorts of operating systems, not just freedos.

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