On Sun, 2009-04-19 at 14:52 -0400, Fuzzy Zabriskie wrote:
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> > Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 20:21:27 +0200
> > From: bbla...@home.nl
> > To: freedos-user@lists.sourceforge.net
> > Subject: Re: [Freedos-user] License or Sale? WAS Abandonware site...
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> > Fuzzy Zabriskie schreef:
> >>
> >> I'm confused. When I buy a 'software license' am I buying the software
> >> or the right to use the software? If I have a license to use specific 
> >> software
> >> on a hardware platform (say a Windows OS), and my install media is damaged,
> >> do I have use of the license I've bought? Can I legally obtain new media
> >> and use my existing license key to install it?
> >>
> > By MS's definitions you're buying the right to use the software in ways
> > they allow, as defined in their license. If you would be able to buy
> > their Windows product instead of just a license to use, you could do
> > with that whatever you wanted, including mass-copying and making money
> > of it bigtime. Something they're not happy with and thus disallow. The
> > license to use is because it's software instead of a physical product
> > (which you normally buy instead of just a usage license)
> >>
> >> My reading of the EULA seems to say I'm buying the right to use it,
> >> and the media is provided so I can use the right I bought. Any
> >> copy of the retail OEM install disk can be used with the key asssociated
> >> with correct version license. M$ seems to be saying its not a '1st use'
> >> copyrighted work. If so, would that not mean assuming I have a legal key
> >> I could download/buy/copy install media to use it?
> >>
> > Yes you can use whichever installation media you want with your legally
> > obtained/purchased valid license, no matter the source. Many computers
> > with Vista allow downgrading to XP but don't provide the files somehow.
> > Kinda annoying :).
> >
> > Would be quite nice if you could download a copy of Windows from MS's
> > website by entering your license key..instead they just send you a
> > snailmail cdrom in a week's time or so. Oh well.
> >
> >
> Thank you... thats pretty much what I thought. 
> personally, I think Vista is a downgrade from XP ;). 
> I opted for XP on my laptop.  My father's new laptop
> came with Vista :(. Boy its, annoying to have to reply 2 
> or 3 times to every action. I hope UAC is removed from WIN7.
> Dumb thing didn't even come with restore disks, never mind real
> install disks. I had to talk to customer support to 
> get them to send him the restore disks. I'd rather they charged 
> a few dollars more and included the disks. 
> *sigh*
I usually just linger trying to learn.
A couple of things though;
1. You can easily turn off UAC if you do not like it.
2. Most new computers have a partition with the OS on it and a utility
to allow you to make a set of CD's.

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