> Has anyone gotten fdupdate to work with a 486?  I lost the link to
> fdupdate v0.55 and the instructions on how to use it in fdupdate
> v0.54.  If using a 486 is the problem because of a bug in the math
> coprocessor or something similar, that would be nice to know.
> I've noticed that I get a C prompt back after the crash if I say
> 387=no in autoexec.bat.  I haven't confirmed this, I should test
> with and without it to confirm.  It seems to be true though.

Please check if this is the case. Another thing is that you
can put em387.dxe or wemu387.dxe or emu387.dxe or so...? The
file seems to be emu387.dxe in djdev203.zip ...

Somebody in the freebasic forum said:

> Anyways, in pure DOS (not Windows) I think you can disable
> the FPU detection for DJGPP by doing "set 387=n" and "set
> EMU387=c:\mydir\wmemu387.dxe". It should work.

I guess other options are putting the dxe in your PATH or in
the current directory or the directory where FDUPDATE is etc.


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