Hi Aitor,

> Eric, was the "windows" (partial) support" ever
> ported to the stable kernel? (maybe that's why).

That partial support is based on "heavy" patches it
seems... As said, the windows 386 mode support even
in the unstable kernel is not compiled in by default
because it is more experimental than normal unstable.

>>> If I don't load emm386.exe, freedos version, I get an error that I
>>> have an unsupported dos version.
>>> If I try loading windows 3.1 in standard mode, I get an error that
>>> there isn't enough extended memory.

>> Did you try using jemm386 instead? And of course: Maybe
>> you do not have too little but too much memory? Himemx
>> and jemm386 support command line options to limit the
>> amount of memory visible to DOS and Windows :-) Do not
>> forget to try DOS=HIGH or DOS=HIGH,UMB or other settings.

Note that this is STANDARD mode and not Windows for
Workgroups: It should run easily with all kernels
including 2036 and 2038 stable, but it can easily
fail because of incompatible hardware or drivers.

Making Windows 3 run on modern computers and with
FreeDOS can be somewhat hard no matter which fancy
patches for the kernel you have. You could probably
try with MS DOS or Win9x DOS to see what I mean...


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