Hi Kurt,

> This might seem a bit off  topic, but it's of general interest: In XP, you
> can make an ISO image of a folder;
> if you then burn that ISO image to the cd, using a true ISO burner, it is
> not bootable, it is lacking the files
> that would make it so. There are schemes to combine a floppy .img file with
> data files to make the cd
> bootable, but I wanted to do it with an iso editor like the "isomaster" in
> ubuntu. Now, can I simply add
> a smaller, bootable ISO with the editor? What I really want, though, are the
> actual files that I can add
> with the iso editor, that is the 'bare essentials'  that can make a cd
> bootable.--tnx, kurt<wb2...@gmail.com>.

To make a CD/DVD bootable in Linux K3B, you open a data cd/dvd project
and say "edit boot images". You can then add a diskimage of a DOS boot
diskette, size 1.2, 1.44 or 2.88 MB supported. Other tools will have
similar options. As diskimage, I recommend the 2.88 MB Rugxulo mix on
http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ ;-)


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