Hi all,

this is to announce that there's a new codepage pack available, v2.3, 
which provides codepage for the cherokee syllabary and the bulgarian MIK 
codepage, both requested. There's, respectively, a new keyboard layout 
pack, v2.6, with the necessary enhancements on the US and the bulgarian 
keyboards; always important to emphasize is that both of them continue 
to work as usual under their default codepages.

There's also an important modification on the brazilian ABNT2 keyboard 
layout so that it gets around a failure on DOSEMU on what concerns its 
default handling of key 56h, also known as the 102nd key on the 
brazilian and most european keyboards.

Explanation: DOSEMU provides " >" (space / greater-than) for that key. 
Computer motherboards, so to speak, provide "\|" for both 2Bh and 56h 
keys (the latter one happening to be "\|" on the brazilian keyboard) as 
default, which is why the brazilian 56h key was left uncoded on the 
brazilian keyboard layout on previous keyboard layout packs. Therefore, 
if you are a brazilian DOSEMU user and use an ABNT keyboard, you should 
download this new keyboard layout pack.

Thanks to Alain Mouette for the report of the problem on DOSEMU. He 
provided a patch for the brazilian keyboard under DOSEMU here: 


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