Marco Antonio Achury Palma wrote:
>Exist newer ports to X on DOS.
>Some times appear here people asking for a free win3.1 replacement.
>Why not to have X Windows system for DOS? 

Would like to see an X Windows implementation for DOS if only to get some nice 
apps that will work on X Windows ported to DOS.  I really haven't seen much in 
this area and especially not current work.  However, will share what links I've 
run across if it helps.  Probably not what you're looking for, but might be of 
interest anyway.

There's Nano-X which is in active development:
Looks more like a GUI option for djgpp than an X server option, but I don't 
know enough of the details.  Would be very curious to hear if anyone's worked 
with Nano-x or Microwindows for djgpp and DOS.  Please share further info on it 
if you have any.  Thanks.

Ran across this section in the FreeDOS archive.  I'm guessing these are legacy 

There's mention of an Open Source version of Desqview/X at the end of this 
The link to Sourceforge is no longer available.  Am wondering how far they got 
and if there's still code around for this project.

Some X related stuff mentioned here including shareware X-Appeal, but some of 
the links seem to be down:

If you want to go to a newer Windows platform there's a port of X to Cygwin and 
the Xming server for Win32.  Am guessing you probably want to stay with DOS 
though.  If HX extender gets advanced enough in the future, it might be able to 
help run something like this on DOS one day.



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