Hi Florian,

>> USBDOS device scan is part of install but should
>>   only be done AFTER install, no USB devices used DURING install
> USB support in FreeDOS?

The FreeDOS 1.0 FULL distro defaults to downloading various
proprietary but free USB drivers (which can hang because the
NIC and DHCP autoconfig can hang) and then run the drivers.
Alledgedly to allow you to access USB drives during install,
but you cannot easily switch the target to the USB drive at
that late moment during install, and the USB bus scan also
had a considerable risk of hanging or crashing. Because of
those crash-risks, I recommend that FreeDOS 1.1 delays all
downloads and USB bus scans to after installing an initial
working system. This will make initial install much faster
and much more reliable. We have a POSTINST step already so
it would be easy to move risky activities to there :-).

Note that this only affects FULL, because BASE does not
include software which involves networking or other crash
risks as part of the install process :-).


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