> Before I even try messing with hx extender


> does anyone know if it will work out-of-the-box with djgpp

HX has a DGJPP hack, untested by me (ask FloX)

> which I am used to, and I don't trust having two compilers
> of the same language present simultaneously.

HX is NOT a compiler.

> Also, since HX has it's own dpmi, would I have to remove
> the cwsdpmi from the djgpp/bin?

Not absolutely. HX requires DOS API translation, so it will NOT WORK
with CWSDPMI. OTOH existing DGJPP applications work well with
HDPMI32, even better than with CWSDPMI (see other discussion on DISPLAY).
So it's a good idea to delete CWSDPMI from ALL places or at least
all places referenced from the PATH. Also, if you make HDPMI32 resident,
possibly present CWSDPMI will not get loaded anymore.

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