Ahhh, it's amazing; not one tutorial specifically for the dos version of
'make'; even what there is, not too
specific. To wit: indeed, some thing you are trying to install,say , HX,
GEM, etc., they do include makefiles,
but they don't tell you where to put the makefile. So, you keep trying to
use the wonderful 'make'
command, and it keeps returning "makefile not present; target not defined";
I guess this means anyone
who has to ask is too stupid to be let into the 'cabbal'. It seems to have
been too trivial for the installation
instructions to have included some verbiage like "use 'make', where the
makefile will be thus-and-such,
and should be in thus-and-such place when executing 'make'"; this doesn't
even begin to explain the
nuts-and-bolts of 'make install' ,or even the definition of 'target'!. I
have a new policy; if software doesn't have those explicit instructions,
I consider it to be a 'non sequitur(or is that sequitor?). This goes double
for that well known term,
my favorite: "bindings". Truthfully, I have seen MATH professors, who if you
presented something that
poorly defined and out of sequence, would throw an eraser at your head.
There is too much gobeldy-
gook in computer science. That feels better.--kurt<wb2...@gmail.com>.

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