dos386 wrote:

>> I haven't tested, but actually *used* these.
> Several 100's PC's in 20 years ?

No. I'm working as an IT technician. So this only from the last couple
of years.

>> How do you know? From your probably buggy 6 PCs?
> So I should throw them all away and buy 1 or 6 new ones ?

1) No.
2) No, but get *different* ones.

> With "EFI" instead of "BIOS", so very helpful for DOS USB support ???

Did you ever try uEFI?

>> These are representative statistics, of course.
> Link please.

Link what?

> Otherwise I'll stay with existing hard facts:
> - From 6 PC's I tested all 6 failed (2 attempted and failed, 4 didn't even 
> try)

I see.

Stupid example: You've never seen a single car accident "live", so car
accidents don't happen in real life. Accidents are just figments of TV
stations and stage directors.

Is this how your brain works?

> - There are 1.6 guys reporting to have it working ;-)

That's plainly wrong.

There's much more around than in your little world.

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