To all involved in the recent "Arachne" and "Windows" threads:

Look, you guys!   We need "peace and quiet" on this and on all
DOS forums, if DOS is to survive!   Take it from a 63-year-old
who has been in more than my own share of "wars", like many of
you know, and which I regret for the damage to DOS they did.

DOS is dying.   Some may say no, but I "sense" it is used much
less than before, in part due to all the arguments on this and
other forums among people who still do use DOS.   My goal now,
for UIDE and all my drivers, is to make them the best possible
so DOS will SURVIVE!   To this end, (A) they are again offered
to all, (B) their sources are again available, and (C) I shall
work with anybody and EVERYBODY to make them better!

Japheth helped me speed-up UIDE in "protected mode" and I sent
him a "stripped" UIDEJR he can use to upgrade XDMA32/XCDROM32.
He is busy with JWASM, but if he ever updates his JLM drivers,
[for which I am NOT expert-enough in "protected mode"], I will
help him all I can!   Bernd Blaauw wanted changes to UIDE that
help his automatic "scripts", and he got them!   I am changing
RDISK from a .SYS to a .COM file, which will then allow a user
specified drive letter when loaded thru the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
[Not possible in CONFIG.SYS, a "long story" why!].    Anything
else I can think of, I will do!

If I can do all that, so can all of you.   Let's end the WARS,
and do our best to keep ALL versions of DOS alive!

Jack R. Ellis

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