Bonnie,I have several dell machines; the newer one,a dimension 521 came not
only with a reinstall cd(would
never get a windoze without one), but also a resource cd; the resource
cd,among other things, has the driver/
diagnostics for the nic(network) card. This means that if you have
reinstalled the windoze, maybe as part of
the dual boot scheme, you might have to reinstall the nic driver from the
resource cd. If you try to get online,
without the driver, you may only get "page not found" ,etc. Although my dell
windoze is XP, one of my housemates
has a dell laptop with vista, same scheme-resource cd; maybe the driver(s)
are broken since the dual boot,
and you might try simply putting the resource cd in and reloading. If you
don't have this cd,i.e., "restore partition",
then you could be sunk, unless you come up with a fresh copy of the
driver(s) by a more cicuitous route.--
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